The Benefits of Preparing a Will

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Why Make a Will

  1. If you don’t have a Will you die ‘Intestate’ which means the Government determines who inherits your estate – so your spouse may not inherit everything or your partner may get nothing. It is possible the family home may have to be sold.
  2. You cannot protect what you own to guarantee your childrens inheritance
  3. You cannot protect  what you own for your children if your spouse remarries
  4. There could be a considerable delay in sorting out your estate since application would have to be made to a court for powers to administer your estate (Letters of Administration).
  5. Your minor children would go into care while the Court decided who would look after them and it is possible they might not be kept together.
  6. Illegitimate children are entitled to claim on their parent’s estate.
  7. No provision can be made for step-children,
  8. You cannot make provision for your grandchildrens’ education
  9. No provision would be made for any other dependant, e.g. an aged relative.
  10. Your estate might pay more tax than is necessary
  11. A spouse from whom you are separated but not divorced could still be entitled to the spouse’s share of your estate.
  12. You would not have the opportunity to make gifts to any Charities you may support.
  13. You cannot ensure the well being of a much loved pet
  14. Creditors could apply for the right to administer your estate

Isn’t it time you put your affairs in order?

Getting your assets dealt with early so often means less stress later on,
many of them agree with us, here’s what one said…
“Firstly I would like to thank you for the extreme professionalism with which you have conducted our business to date…..the family are in agreement and would like you to proceed.”
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