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B. Hallam BA, MSc, MSWW
The Midland Will Company,
11 Beechley Drive,
Oakwood Park,
DE21 2LP.

Telephone: 01332 608313


Why choose us and services we offer:

The Midland Will Company is owned by Brett Hallam, who is a highly experienced Will Writer, having been Head Will Writer for a large Financial Services firm in the West Midlands. Wills may be simple, or not but whatever your circumstances, Brett’s experience over many thousands of cases allows him to provide the right Will for you. The Company believes in providing sound, up to date advice and is concerned that clients understand their documents. The Company is able to provide advice and support if your circumstances change, as happens when a spouse/partner dies or if you face illness within the family.

The Company motto ‘Service with Integrity’ is taken seriously and every effort is made to make clients comfortable with what can sometimes be difficult choices. Writing your Will is often part of wider Estate Planning for you and your family and we can and do work with other professionals to meet your requirements. But whether simple or complex your circumstances may be our service always provides good value for money.

We are regulated by the Society of Will Writers and maintain Professional Indemnity Public Liability insurance and fully subscribe to their programme of Continuous Professional Development

As well as Wills we offer the following Services:

  • Codicil
  • Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Advance Directive
  • Tenancy Change
  • Funeral Plans
  • Will Storage
  • Probate

Sometimes small changes are needed to your WILL. A codicil allows you to do that without re-writing the whole Will. We can create Codicils no matter who wrote the Will originally.

Lasting Power of Attorney
A very important document that allows you to decide who will look after your money if you cannot. There are 2 types of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA):- a LPA Property & Affair and a LPA Personal Welfare.
A Property & Affairs LPA appoints the people you want who will be able to deal with your house and financial affairs, either when you indicate they should, or if you should become incapable, whether that is due to old age, illness or accident.
If you do nothing and you cannot look after your money there is no alternative to an application for a Deputyship which is both time consuming and expensive.

A Personal Welfare LPA allows your Attorneys to make Health and Welfare decisions for you if you lose the capacity to do this for yourself. This may include the power to refuse medical treatment on your behalf or decide where you live.
Making a LPA is not straightforward, but we can guide you through the process

Advance Directive
A document that allows you to state when you no longer want to continue with medical treatment. Advance Directives now have statutory authority and are an easily understood and low cost way of making your wishes clear at a time when clarity is vitally important Please note that if you have a LPA Personal Welfare that gives an attorney the power to decide whether to continue medical treatment an Advance Directive will not be effective.

Tenancy Change
Most couples own their house ‘Jointly’ so if one joint owner dies, the survivor becomes the sole owner. This means that the property cannot be gifted by will or by action of intestacy, and that in turn makes the house vulnerable because it cannot be protected in your Will. You can protect your share of the house in your Will if you and your spouse or partner own it as ‘tenants in common’. We can help you do this both cheaply and quickly.

Funeral Plans
In 1976 the cost of a typical funeral was about £160, in 1994 it was about £1000, in 1997 it was £1200 plus, as at January 2009 the prices for cremation are often more than £2,000. The increase has far outstripped inflation. Will your savings be sufficient to keep pace. Paying for your funeral in advance effectively freezes ever increasing costs. More and more people are finding Peace of Mind via a “Pre-Paid Funeral Plan”

The Society of Will Writers offers a plan with the following benefits:-
Money held under legal trust with a Bank Trust Company, No age limits, No health questions.
No hidden extras. Price guaranteed to cover the full cost of your funeral so your family won’t have to pay extra.. Funeral Director of your choice.
Funerals are not always easy to talk about, but having a fully paid Funeral Plan takes a burden off your relatives at a time of stress and sadness. Contact us for details.

Will Storage
A lost, or damaged Will is a big problem that might become expensive.
We will store your will and other documents we have prepared for a modest annual fee. Not only that for as long as you continue to pay us we will amend your Will for no extra charge Probate We will help you decide what is best for you.

More and more clients recognise the need for their affairs to be in settled professionally, a recent client wrote…
“Thank you for coming such a long way specially to see us, I trust that you returned to your home without mishap + Thank you for your assistance in this matter. We are both very glad that our Wills have now been signed. May we extend our compliments of the Season & wish you a very happy Christmas + Best wishes for 2009.”