The Midland Will Company – Professional Will Writing Service

The Company provides a comprehensive home visit will service for the Derby/Nottingham/ Burton on Trent area. Additionally The Midland Will Company receives introduced work and has clients throughout England & Wales.

As well as standard Wills our services include:

      • Using trusts in Wills to protect assets
      • Lasting Power of Attorney
      • Codicil
      • Tenancy Change
      • Funeral Planning
      • Advance Directives
      • Will & Document Storage
      • Probate

on top of this, we are now approved will Providers for Sight Support Derbyshire who provided training, support and various aids for blind persons and the visually impaired generally

2000 people die in the UK every day and about two-thirds of them die without having a legally valid Will. This is known as dying intestate, which can be as painful as it sounds. Many of these deaths were a tragic and dreadful shock to their family because they were not expected. Despite sensible planning with  Life Insurance, Pensions and the like, too many people incorrectly assume that all their possessions will automatically pass to their husband or wife or other members of the family. Unfortunately, those same loved ones may face immediate financial hardship, or worse they could be forced to sell the family home – simply because no Will had been written. The law of Intestacy will divide your possessions in accordance with set rules, not necessarily as you may have wished.

Thousands of people worry because they have not written a Will, they leave it too late because it can be inconvenient to find the time when both spouse/partner can be available. People worry about not having a Will. You can stop worrying – it’s never been simpler to make a Will.

Daytime or Evening, our consultant will visit your home and take your instructions at a time convenient to you. You can talk freely, and ask questions, all in the privacy of your own home, and relax as we discuss how your wishes can be incorporated into a legally valid Will.

Funeral Planning In 1976 the cost of a typical funeral was about £160, in 1994 it was about £1,000, in 1997 it was £1,200 plus, as at January 2015 the price of a single cremation is about £3,500 and rising. These increases are well above the rate of inflation. Will your savings or insurance be sufficient to keep pace? Investing in a Funeral Plan now fixes the price which makes good financial sense. Not only that, but by paying for your funeral in advance you remove one source of worry from your loved ones at what is a very difficult time for them.

We are widely recognised for our quality service and discretion, a client recently wrote…
…“We signed our Wills yesterday evening as advised to you by telephone and wish to express our gratitude to you for your advice and diligence in finding the best way to take care of our daughter Celia.”